Hazardous Waste Management
and Compliance

Waste management and disposal practices are governed by Federal and State regulations promulgated pursuant to RCRA and subsequent related reauthorization statutes. Additionally, other rules and programs impact the management of hazardous materials to monitor and reduce waste generation. Saban has gained significant experience in the application of and compliance with these regulations.

Hazardous Waste Management

RCRA stands for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (US). It is a Federal statute regulating waste that is administered by the US EPA and enacted by Congress in 1976, as an amendment to the 1965 Solid Waste Disposal Act. RCRA regulates the handling, storage, treatment, transportation and disposal of solid waste.

A wide variety of hazardous wastes are generated from facility operations or maintenance activities such as:

  • Toxic, reactive, explosive & ignitable wastes;
  • Waste solvents from vehicle maintenance, printing and painting operations;
  • Corrosive wastes from cleaning operations;
  • Other miscellaneous wastes generated from facility operations.

Saban has provided consultation support to clients regarding hazardous waste identification and management as regulated in 40 CFR 260 through 40 CFR 265. Saban can develop an effective hazardous waste management program by addressing the following critical elements:

CERCLA (or Superfund) passed in 1980, was designed to impose cleanup and reporting requirements, by: (1) Identifying sites where releases of hazardous substances had occurred or might occur; taking appropriate action to remedy those releases; and seeking that the parties responsible for the releases pay for the cleanup activities.
  • Hazardous waste characterization
  • Compliance audits & RCRA permitting;
  • Recordkeeping, labeling, plans & training;
  • Contamination assessments & action plans;
  • Contingency plan/emergency procedures;

Superfund Site Evaluation & Remediation

Saban provides assistance to comply with federal and state regulations governing site investigation and cleanup activities at sites requiring corrective action under RCRA, or at inactive/abandoned sites regulated under CERCLA/Superfund. Services include:

  • Confirmatory Sampling Plans;
  • RCRA Facility Assessments (RFA);
  • Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study;
  • CERCLA/Superfund Site Evaluation.

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