Microbial Evaluations
& Moisture Management

To address the increasing number of requests that we have received regarding mold/fungal growth and/or contamination – as well as moisture management. Saban offers a full range of services to commercial, industrial and governmental sectors. Saban can identify mold growth problems, provide the appropriate measures for removal and conduct post remediation air sampling to evaluate final project area spore levels.

Saban has executed many projects involving mold surveys, abatement design/execution for clients such as the insurance industry, public schools and universities, and real estate developers/owners. Many times problems arise from improper engineering and construction defects that can result in water infiltration.

Mold Inspection and Assessment

Our approach to a typical on-site mold assessment might include hypothesis formation, site physical inspection, moisture evaluation, non-destructive and destructive sampling, HVAC review, collaboration with building scientists, video and digital documentation, and review of existing reports. Under the direction of CIHs, indoor air quality (IAQ) sampling/evaluations can be conducted utilizing instrumentation equipped with data-logging capabilities to collect real-time indoor air sampling data for baseline parameters of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, VOCs, and particulate (dust). Further, Saban is equipped with real-time instruments such as moisture meters and infrared thermometers to detect moisture intrusion in building spaces. Saban is also equipped to sample viable and nonviable microbiological air, surface, and bulk samples if there is evidence of microbial (mold) contamination.

Mold Remediation Design and Project Management

Based on the data collected and the field inspections conducted by Saban’s industrial hygienists, recommendations/specifications are developed to mitigate any indoor air quality issues identified, remediate microbial contamination, and eliminate the moisture intrusion source.

Mold Remediation Oversight and Sampling

Saban will provide a general "Work Plan" for the remediation of microbial contamination. The work plan, while tailored to specific project requirements, provides nationwide and potential remediation contractors with a common document on which to base bids, to specify work to be done, and to establish the criteria for determining efficacy of the abatement in compliance with applicable OSHA and EPA regulations on remediation projects.

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