Lead Paint Survey, Testing and Remediation Services

Saban has a wide range of capabilities in the field of lead management which includes performing both residential dwelling lead hazard investigations and risk assessments under state regulations, and commercial investigations preceding Title X property transactions and renovation/demolition activities. The objectives are to provide detailed hazard analyses, site monitoring and manage remedial activities in compliance with the regulations, initiatives and guidelines issued by Federal Agencies (EPA, HUD, OSHA) and State Programs

Lead Paint Inspection and Assessment

  • Surveys for lead-based paint (LBP) utilizing our own x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrum analyzers and paint chip sampling
  • Testing for lead in settled dust, lead in soil and lead in drinking water to identify associated lead hazards
  • Hazardous waste characterizations and management through TCLP testing and under State / EPA RCRA hazardous waste disposal standards
  • Childhood lead poisoning prevention investigations/ risk assessments using HUD/EPA Title X protocols
  • Inspectors utilize state-of-the-art XRF field testing, supported by analysis via atomic absorption spectroscopy.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

The O&M programs included preparation of written programs outlining specific procedures to be utilized to safely manage existing LBP, and the provision of lead awareness training to maintenance and custodial personnel.

Abatement, Interim Controls & Construction Management

Once the extent and condition of Lead Paint is identified, and the potential for future disturbance is determined, abatement (removal, replacement, or enclosure) may be warranted. This may include contract documents, specifications, and drawings, which govern how a project will be accomplished.

Environmental / Worker / Community Air Monitoring

Saban provides inspections and regulatory oversight to ensure that disturbance/abatement work is performed in compliance with applicable Federal and State Hazardous Waste Regulations, the project specifications, and SSPC guidelines. Monitoring of airborne lead levels to develop negative exposure assessments under the OSHA Lead in Construction standards, including ambient air monitoring for TSP-Lead & PM10 are conducted in accordance with SSPC Guidelines and USEPA requirements.

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