Environmental Compliance Audit and Permitting

Federal, State and local environmental laws raise a lot of questions - Do you need to comply with TSCA, RCRA or SARA? Do you need to consider pollution prevention or chemical release reporting? Is there a possibility that a prior release may require remediation? Will a change of operation or facility expansion require new air permitting or wastewater permitting? Answering them is just the first step. The next is to prioritize what needs to be addressed, create a plan and put it into action.

Compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations is part of everyday business, and each year companies spend more resources to comply with the letter and intent of government regulations. Saban offers a full range of auditing services for companies that wish to assess their regulatory compliance in a cost-effective and solution-oriented way.

Saban's extensive experience can help prevent regulatory problems…

Saban has assessed regulatory compliance for clients such as governmental institutions, universities, utilities, chemical companies, pharmaceutical firms, and manufacturers, and a variety of general manufacturing and commercial businesses, providing services such as: pollution prevention planning; air permitting; wastewater permitting; sampling and sampling plan development; site investigations and remedial actions; EPCRA, RCRA, SARA, TSCA and CERCLA compliance. In addition, using site assessments and compliance audits we can identify gaps in your programs, help you prioritize issues, develop programs, provide employee training, and assist with reporting to government regulators.

Environmental Compliance Reviews (Multimedia Compliance Audit)

Environmental Compliance Reviews (ECRs), are multi-media environmental compliance audits designed for companies who want to identify compliance problems in several areas (hazardous and solid waste management, USTs/ASTs, air pollution control and water pollution control). Saban gathers and reviews data (pre-inspection), conducts on-site audits and prepares an integrated report of the areas audited. In the report, Saban compares regulatory requirements against implemented programs. These comparisons provide the basis to formulate conclusions on regulatory compliance and program effectiveness. Saban also offers recommendations to correct deficiencies and advises environmental counsel and management on cost-effective corrective actions

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